Getting lost in a sea of emails?

Mail Buffer is going to get your time and focus back by buffering your email to a frequency that makes you comfortable!

Mail Buffer works with ANY email sender and address!


Take control of your email

You shouldn't have to be tempted by the email notification constantly. Mail Buffer will allow you to create an email address for any service you want to buffer and send you digest at your preferred frequency! Sign up for early access!


How will Mail Buffer save me?

More Head Space

Mail Buffer is going to put the much-needed space between you and your email that can wait. How?

More Control

After getting your exclusive unique email address from the Mail Buffer panel, you use that in the email at a service you want a buffer.

Easy Inbox

You wait! As emails get sent from that service, they will accumulate at Mail Buffer. We'll store them in a cozy sweet spot for you.

When You Want It

You get an email digest at the frequency you selected in the Mail Buffer panel. If you really can't wait to check those emails, you can use the virtual inbox inside Mail Buffer!

Unique and Secure

No need to use your personal email address!

When you set up a mailbox buffer in Mail Buffer, you get a personal unique email address to stand between you and the sender. Not only will this connect your sender to Mailbuffer, but it will isolate them from the rest of your personal email's usage. If you start seeing a new unidentified send in your buffer, you will know who is sharing your email addresses!

Your Email on Lockdown

Throughout the buffering process, all email content is encrypted. Mail Buffer does not want to and does not need to know about the content of your email. Additionally, Mail Buffer does not need any special access to your mail accounts, their APIs, or any other account information.


Why build Mail Buffer?

I get flooded by email all day, every day, and not every email deserves my attention immediately. I needed a way to selectively buffer those emails into a frequency that made sense for my time. and focus. That is what Mail Buffer is

How do I install it?

There is nothing to install! You fill out a simple configuration for any service you would like to buffer. The app generates an email address for you to use at that service, and you will have an online digest PLUS a digest emailed to you!

What should I "Buffer"?

You can buffer any email you recieve. Generally, you will want to buffer email services that email you very frequently but do not need you immediate attention. Some examples may be newsletters, "you made a sale" emails for those selling goods or those that want to quiet down social media email updates.

Where do my emails go?

When using Mail Buffer, your emails are stored privately in a securely encrypted cloud storage system. This method allows Mail Buffer to show you the individual emails in the web application, selectively push separate emails to your email address at your request and combine the emails into a digest. This also means, if you decide to remove a Buffer, we do have a way to push all of your emails back to your personal mailbox.

Can I trial it?

You bet! When the app is beta, you will be able to trail the service at no charge. Once the Mail Buffer is live, there will be a 14-day trial!

I have more questions!

If you have any more questions just email support

Can I get early access?

Yes, Private Beta access will be available very soon! Sign up below!